I need some RP recommendations!


Heyo! So I’ve learned all about RP and how to join one and everything from @kerubiel (btw thanks for the time you took to help me understand it better!) and I am really interested and I want to join a RP but I don’t know which ones :confounded::joy: So if you could just leave some links down below spme RPs you personally recommned or like, that would be great! :+1:


@cam @Tellyg47 @HermanEpisode?


@kerubiel how do you know?


Um I got you!
Give me a moment





Those are just some of them!


A.K.A join hide in seek


Thanks to you both @Tellyg47 and @HermanEpisode !!!
I will definitely look at them all !!!
You two are very appreciated :heart: