I need some serious help with this dressing game

Hello, I need some serious help with this dressing game. I was wondering if anyone can help me code it? I want the dressing “game” where the character picks an outfit from all three. When the outfits are just on the wall, and you tap one to try it on. I don’t know if you use overlays or…does anyone know how to do this?? :weary:

I think that would be tappable overlays :thinking:

I don’t know specificaly how to do it but I did wanted to learn how to do it myself. Their is a youtube that will show you how. Let me know if you want me to send it to you.

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That would be great! I haven’t used overlays before so…

Me either to be honest it’s confusing for me lol.

yea lol. So…what is the video called

TAPPABLE OVERLAYS - Episode Limelight Tutoral 9
Its by Joseph Evans

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If you wanna try a different way to do a dressing game I know how to do the button one instead.

button one?

Heres a pic from my story:

ahhhhh, yes ik how to do that :sweat_smile: but not anything else :frowning:

Just have to learn and practice with things like this on episode. Let me know if you need any help but don’t say overlays :joy:

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lol ok XD

Do you mean that you have 3 outfit’s and the reader can click on them? Then you need to create characters, and (transparant) tappable overlays.

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