I need some splashes made!

I need some splashes for my story Impulse!

What I need:

This story is really intense with murder mysteries, romance, death and a LOT of drama! It covers issues such as homophobia, self harm, eating disorders, suicide and many more… so all of these splashes need to look super badass :slight_smile:

  • One that says “Chapter One”
    (Whoever I choose to do this for me will need to make a splash for me for every chapter when I need it)

  • One that says “To be continued…”

  • One that says “This story uses music and sound”
    (With this one I want one of my characters listening to music with earbuds with the text above them)

  • And one that says “WARNING: This story contains mature themes”

If anyone wants to do this for me, please reply with some examples and I’ll choose whoever’s examples I like best to do it!

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Episode Harmony could do them!


go to out thread for more examples!
Episode Harmony Offical Request Thread

We can! @ihicks01 and i have a thread

I can here’s my examples.

The Arts Crew (Covers, Edits and More) (Wanted Background Maker Now)