I need some thoughts

So after 3 hours I’m still not done I need to add the IV bag and poll that holds it. But I need your thoughts/opinions on two things.
1st Does it look okay so far? Be honest!
2nd You think it would look okay with out the background done? I want to use it as a art scene, but some thoughts/opinions. :blush:

Maybe could use with some shading t give it some dimension but other then that it looks good!

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Yeah. I agree some shading would help. Once you get the background colored it it should look fine!

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This is my second one my first one sucked and o scrapped it. But I have really figured out the whole shading thing yet to make it look good.

see that’s my thing I don’t really know how to do the background like I’ve tried and I keep erasing it because I’m no good at all like it keeps coming out really really bad when I do the background thought about leaving it and just zoom in on them but I don’t know…

Maybe you could get someone to help you with the background. I also think zooming in on them would be okay, but you’d have to make sure the undone background shouldn’t be showing…

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Maybe…I would love to find someone to help me with the background. Hopefully I could.

Well, if you can’t find anyone, I’m always here, but I am doing a couple requests right now. So if you can’t find anyone else I can try to help in the extra time I have.

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Oh I would love that. I have time. I still need to add some things to it then it would be ready for background. But if you wanted to help me out you could tack your time. :blush:

Okay, we’ll let me know when you’ve gotten it completely drawn out, you can Pm me and I can try to help with the background :grin:

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Sure thank you. :blush:

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