I need some UNIQUE story ideas

I am looking to write a story that really hasn’t been done on Episode. Any ideas?? Preferably supernatural/scifi themes


Are you alright? You’ve created a bunch of writing help threads and I was wondering if you had some kind of writing panic attack at the moment. I don’t have any unique story ideas at the moment, but maybe you should take it easy, you just published a story (just wondering and saying not dictating).


PM me I have heaps of ideas

Ummmm… no I am not having a WRITING PANIC ATTACk, thankyou

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Maybe she wakes up from a coma/crash and she has super powers haha, don’t know!

Supernatural: A mirror is delivered to your home one day, where you learn it can send you to an alternate dimension at night. What happens, however, when your younger brother enters the mirror and never comes out?

Sci-fi: the year is 2531. People have become living computers with the newest technology, except for you, a girl who never registered with the new leadership. When a virus infects the main code and turns everyone into virtual zombies, it’s up to you, a former zombie, and the daughter of an ex-leader to stop whoever made the virus.

Supernatural: I had this idea, it’s kinda depressing, but I think it’s interesting–
A girl gets into an accident, maybe she was at a party and drunk and something heavy collapsed without anybody noticing and knocked the girl dead. She wakes up as a pale ghost, and after a while of wandering, thinking she’s asleep and eventually finding out what happened, a form of a grim reaper comes to her, tells her that some kind of a supernatural evil killed her and if she managed to find it and stop it somehow, she can go back in time and prevent herself from dying in the first place. But if she fails within that and that time period (24 hours, a week, month, 71.238838383 hours, 39 and 19.39875 seconds or whatever) she’ll do that ghost ‘move on’ thing and be dead. If you wanna go far, you can make choices affect weather or not the girl succeeds in her mission.
It’s not very Episode spiritual, and I don’t know if most people would like something like that, but it’s a pretty nice idea.

I have a post full of Fantasy story ideas. I can find it for you, give me a second

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