I need some writing tips (transgender topic)

Can someone please help me. I want to put a transgender inside my story but I don’t know how I can do this in a good way if you get what I mean… Does someone have some tips I know that I need to search some information on the internet but how should I do her appearance? how should I present her? she’s my MC bestfriend. this character has lost her mother and this character was a man but changed the gender into a woman.

please give me some tips

Ink or LL?


alright do you want to anwser my questions right here or do you want me to send you a personal message?

Yeah sure !

Since she’s an out trans woman, it’s best/most respectful to represent her using the female body type. Treat her like any other girl who happens to be trans and had to work a little harder to be seen as she is. As a side note, a lot of trans people don’t like transgender being used as a noun because it’s both grammatically incorrect and reduces us to our experiences with gender. It’s also less common for us to see ourselves as ever having been the gender assigned to us at birth, though we may say we used to live as that gender. That being said, every trans person has a different experience and concept of self.

For research, I’d suggest reading stuff written by trans people Gabriel Squaila is a fantastic trans author and her novel Viscera includes a variety of trans characters within a dark fantasy setting. It’s also really gory though, so it may not be for everyone. You’ll also find plenty of blogs if you look around. On Episode, Disconnected by Alvar M (excuse the self promotion) has a few trans characters. Not One Less also has a trans guy as the main character. I don’t think the author is trans, but it’s handled well so it doesn’t matter.

I can also answer any questions you have over PM as long as they aren’t overly invasive. If I can figure out how to get a link from Instagram posts, I’ll share a couple of posts I’ve made about this topic.


I’m gonna butt in because I don’t know anyone else who could explain this in a more educated and understandable way than you.

I’m planning a trans character for a new story and she’s gone through her transition. Hannah has been living as a woman for many years now and everyone accepts her as a woman. I guess you could say she “passes” (I think that’s a ridiculous notion, though. Why should her gender be so tied to other people’s eyes?) so no one ever questions her gender.

Her main story is actually about her trying to save an animal shelter and arguments with her boyfriend about how her obsession with this shelter is tearing them apart because they barely talk anymore.

Since no one even thinks about her gender and she’s just known as the lady who’s saving the animals, how would I introduce the fact that she’s trans to the audience? I want to make a positive contribution to LGBTQ portrayals in the media and not just sit on this like Rowling did about Dumbledore’s sexuality


Same it’s really difficult

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It’s true with all of my trans friends in real life. After the first encounter when they explain that they’re transgender, I move past it and it’s never brought up again. Why should it be? Their time living as the opposite gender doesn’t concern me. I know them as they are now and that’s the important thing. The only time it took me a while to adjust was when a friend I knew since I was 3 came out as a trans man. Of course I was supportive, but Lord was it difficult to get used to calling him by the correct pronouns and name. Kinda like when someone changes their name and I keep defaulting to their old one because I’ve known them for so long. Like when my mum got married. Took me a year to stop calling her by her maiden name.

So if the other characters have known her for years and there’s no reason for Hannah to really speak much about being trans, how does it even come up?


Well I’ve read a lot of people on this forum that they want more difersity and that a background char gets more dunno background? so I want to tell her story (why she changed, and things like that)

But how do you even put it in? I’ve got a whole backstory planned, but if it never becomes relevant, why would we see her backstory? I don’t want it to be a “these animals were rejected like me” situation because that’s not true at all. She’s got a great friends network who, when she came out, said “ok. Just give me some time to get used to the pronouns, please. I’ll never misgender you on purpose”

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well it’s not really important to the story

It could come up through casual references. This could be done a number of ways. She could mention something related to her past (such as “back when I was at ___ Boys’ School” or a reference to coming out), something related to transition (hormone therapy is a life long thing, so misplacing her estradiol or Spiro pills would be an easy way to do this, as would someone asking if she’ll be having kids and her mentioning that she can’t), or something related to people who aren’t or haven’t always been supportive. Or she could be very open about it in the first place even though it isn’t the biggest thing in her life and can be difficult to talk about at times. It’s really up to you.


I never thought of the hormones point. That’s amazing. This will be really useful to me. :eyes:


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