I need somebody to do some art for me PLEASE!

I have a few requirements though, and I know that these may be somewhat tough to fill, but I need them, and nobody seems to be able to do it!
There needs to be a small cover and a large cover
They all HAVE to be drawn (this will take a lot of people out of the running, but you can even be a horrible artist, and you will still be better than me lol)
I need an intro AND an outro, sort of with a matching theme.
I may need an art scene in the future, and I like to keep all my art scenes somewhat the same, so I may need you to do a few art scenes.

I’m sorry if I sound like SUPER needy, but I figure, I’ll just get it done in one thread.
If you can only do one, please tell me, because I may not have anybody that can do all of them, so I don’t mind having a different person do each!

I will credit like CRAZY!

If you are interested, please reply to this topic, or DM me for details!

Thank you so much! You are ALL amazing!

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I will give it a shot~

Thanks! I’ll DM you the details in a sec

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