I need someone for art


Hi! I am writing a story in ink and I need someone to make me covers and splashes and possibly a couple of art scenes. If you would be interested in doing any of these please let me know in the comments or PM me


I may be able to do some


Could you send me some examples of your work? :sweat_smile:


Do you have instagram?


No sorry and I know thats quite unhelpful


Its fine i have all my examples there ill send some



They are really good! Could you do the splashes for me?


Yes send me the characters in the pose and what splashes you want :grin:


For the sound splash could I have this character with headphones on:

And for the background, you can put whatever you want. Then it obviously needs to say that the story uses sound.
For the mature themes Splash can it have these characters on:

And then again you can choose the background and then the message saying that there are mature themes


How are these?


they are great thanks!!!


By the way I still need someone to do a couple of art scenes and a cover for me please


Cover girl right here


Just tell me what you want done see it n judge for yourself


I am not sure what I want in all honesty. I think could you do this character in this pose in the middle:

This character on one side of her:

And these characters on the other side:

The story is called Gifted or cursed by Lily.
It is a fantasy.
You can do whatever background you think is appropriate. The antagonist is this man:

The MC is this girl:

The love interest is this boy:

The other girl is the MCs sister and she is caught in the middle of a fight between her sisters and her Dad


Done. Could you pls credit my Ig @episode.nikky if you are gonna use it


I resized it just in case


Pls tell me what you think on my art thread
“Star-rae’s art Thread”


Still need someone for the art scenes pls