I need someone good at art scenes!

So I am in the midst of creating a new story and I need someone good with art scenes! Now I SUCK at art scenes and doing anything to that extent- I am only decently good with making covers and such. I don’t know about payment but I would definitely give you credit. Now we can decide what kind of credit you’re wanting; like if you want to get mentioned in the story or give the readers your Instagram, mention you in my Instagram, or any other ideas.
BUT, if you are willing- here is the information of the art scene and if you need any other details let me know!

(I’ve never requested one of these so this is new and I’m trying my best)

  • How I’d credit you- if you don’t like these ideas, we can come up with a new one :smile::
  1. Mention you in my story that will use you art scene, along with saying your social media tag, a story of yours that they should check out, your Episode name, ect
  2. Mention you in my Instagram account - only issue is I don’t have an Episode Instagram account so it’d go on my main account and confuse the hell out of my non-Episode using followers. But if you like that idea, I’ll do it.
  • The idea I have of what an art scene is:
    Now I obviously know DIDDLY crap about what art scenes are. Hell, I think the closest I’ve ever gone to making one is when I filled in this outline thingy for a contest. But this is what I think is an art scene:

    Maybe I’m wrong, my man. But when I picture art scene, I think of that photo.
  • Size of art scene:
    640 x 1136
  • The main idea of the art scene:
    I’m wanting to do a special scene where the main character finally meets a very important person. She’s standing in her door way and opens to see this very important guy
  • How I want it to look:
    I of course want the character (whom I will show a picture and his details below) in the door way. But don’t have him inside the apartment just yet, have him still outside. Basically, she just opened the door to see him there. I want the door wide open and facing into the hallway of the apartment complex- kinda like this:

    (But instead of a drone, it would be the boy.) You’re looking from inside the apartment into the hallway. It doesn’t have to be exactly like this- these are just examples.
    However much you choose to show of the boy is up to you- like I don’t need his legs in it if you don’t want to do extra work, because I don’t doubt it’s difficult to do these. I just need his face and upper torso.
  • Colors:
    If you choose to show the walls of the apartment, like the red wall that you see in the picture above, I’d want the wall to be colored like the white of the walls of this background:

    The door can be whatever color/texture you want- just let me know what you decided so I can use that accordingly :smile:
    The walls of the outdoor hallway can be whatever you choose. If you decide to show the ground in the scene, I would want the indoor apartment’s floor to be like the Episode background I provided- white. The hallway’s floor can be whatever color.
  • Decorations:
    I have no further decorations :blush:
  • The boy:
    I’ll provide a picture along with saying what each his characteristics is (ex: his skin is __, eyes are __) and his outfit.

    Body: Neutral 03
    Brows: Male generic, Deep brown
    Hair: Manbun, Deep brown
    Eyes: Male generic, Green emerald
    Face: Male generic
    Nose: Male generic
    Lips: Full heart natural, Rose light nude matte
  • Animation/look of the boy:
    Idk if y’all need a specific animation, but if you do/don’t, here’s both an animation and a look you can choose to use either-
    Look: I want him to be smiling- a little shy but smiling.
    Specific animation: blush_shy_atcamera, here’s a picture of the character doing it:
  • Anything extra:
    SO I have two things
  1. MAKE HIM LOOK DREAMY. Like he is the man :clap: of :clap: her :clap: dreams. Make him just seem like a damn god compared to the other boys :joy:
  2. (If you can’t do this, it is NOT required at all. If you can, it would be GREATLY appreciated. But if not, don’t worry!!) Could one of his hands be lightly slipped in his jean pocket? So he seems more casual? Kinda like this:
    But if not, or it’s too much- don’t do it! It’s just an extra!

Now that’s all that comes to mind…if you could help, please please let me know! If I’m asking for too much or something is difficult- let’s change it and figure it out. I know to some extent how annoying it is when someone gives you a request but asks you to change EVERYTHING because they put the character in the wrong shirt, or the logo they gave you isn’t truly what they wanted. Just let me know!


MAYBE @BlueMoonWolf can help


she did my cover.


I can try, but if you want the art scene to be so similar to the art scene of the story Enchantress then I’m afraid I wont be able to do it

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Episode harmony can

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Episode Creativity could do it!