I need someone make me a cover art

My friend is working on a story but doesn’t have a cover yet. She is looking forward to it but she doesn’t have the skills to draw her own cover so that is why I’m asking one of you!
I’ll give you a brief explanation of the story.
The protagonist just got fired from her job, and she wants to start a new life. Her cousin helps her find a job and a house in California, thanks to a friend. When she starts her new job as a journalist, she quickly connects with her boss and his assistant that quickly become best friends.
Here are the main characters:



I’m working on a lot right now, but if I get time of course I will help out. Can you give me the specifics of the characters? Ex. Specific skin tone, eye color, hair color etc.

I do make Story Covers
But they’re edited not drawn.
Also its free if you are interested:ok_hand:
You can check my I.G to see the recent covers I made
@episode.meeky is my username

I’ll edit the post to add details later since I’ll have to ask my friend for it

Hey if your still looking I draw covers and can send an example if you would like :heart:

Sure.Can you send me one?

Do you still need it?

I make Story Covers
You can check my Episode Page if you like what I make?