I need someone to co-write my supernatural type story (monsters and stuff)

I need some help writing my story (not my first, but first i want to upload)
I need:

  • An advanced coder
  • Someone to help me with the dialogue
  • Creating the personality of a character and look of said character
    I will mainly just be asking for someone to do the advanced coding cuz it’s hard for me to remember all the stuff for the advanced stuff, I only know the basics of coding. I’m terrible with wording so I just need someone to help me with creating fun and realistic dialogue. And for someone to help me create the characters. I will definitely ask what your conditions are to helping me are (credit for the story/chapters of story, and letting you add anything to the story as long as it works) this is like a partnership in creating what would be like our story instead​:grin::grin:
    If it’s easier i have a discord account Bodarlin_Tracey3 so we can contact each other. (Sorry for all the reading :joy:)

I could definitely help you out with the dialogue and with creating the looks of your characters! :slight_smile:

Oh thank you so much!:joy: I really need the help, do you have discord or any other communication app to make it easier to talk?

Yes, I’ll send you a PM!

Hiya, i’ll be able to help you with each of those if you’ll like?

Omg thank you!:grin: Is there anything specific that you would personally like to work on?

If you have a specific communication app you would like to talk on (if your still interested in helping me on my story) please let me know @jade_epi

Sorry for the late reply, we can either speak on here or I have a instagram account for episode which is @jade.edits949 which you can message me on.