I need someone to co-write with me for my first story


I’m not to inexperienced I know the basics (thanks Joseph) I just don’t want to write alone.


Wanna write with group?
Lol, if not it’s okay :sweat_smile:


I would love that




Great , I will come after dinner :v:so we can chat


come to where?


Here :v: just need something to fill my stomach :upside_down_face: we will talk in 1-1.5 hours


Okay :slight_smile:


Hey girl

This is the link , clink on it​:hugs: ( I am back from filling my stomach :sweat_smile:)
We are 3 member as now , would love to see you there


Where’s the link?


Click on the blue letters " New writing team" it will lead you to topic , where you get to know what to do​:wink::hugs: