I need someone to create a cover for my story!



It’s called The Chaos Theory and I would really love if someone would help.

Ill post pictures of the main characters below this


@lexy19 I can do it for you! Examples of my work are here and if you want me to do it, request there too! Thanks


If Angelina is not available or needs help you can come to me if wanted.


Thanks so much!

Here is what they look like -

I was thinking something with them on a balcony with a starry background if possible.


Ok, just a few questions:

Where do you want them standing
Author name
Large cover (vertical) or small (horizontal) or both



Next to each other in the center of the screen
author name: RxugekxssedStxrs
Genre: Drama
and both a large and small cover


Ok thank you! It will be done by the end of the day.