I need someone to create me the 2 covers for my story!

I just need the 2 covers, (small and large cover) Drawn and Limelight!

SKIN: Neutral 03
BROW: Arched Natrual COLOR: Ginger Red
HAIR: Over Shoulder Braid COLOR: Ginger Red
EYES: Deep Set False Lashes Smokey Eye COLOR: Ice Blue
FACE: Round Soft
NOSE: Defined Natrual
LIPS: Full Round Pouty COLOR: Rose Light Nude Gloss
EXTRAS: Dragon Sleeve Tattoo - Freckles 08-10

SKIN: Neutral 10
BROW: Arched Medium COLOR: Black Dark
HAIR: Dreads Long Loose Bun COLOR: Black Dark
EYES: Monolid Slender COLOR: Brown Light
FACE: Chiseled Square Stubble Shaved
NOSE: Straight Pointed
LIPS: Full Heart Large COLOR: Brown Deep Gold
EXTRAS: Rose Tattoo - Nose Bridge Stud

Ink or Limelight? Edited or Drawn?

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Limelight! and Drawn

Oh I can’t do drawn, sorry.

That`s okay!

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