I need someone to cut this and make it into an overlay

credited to @Your_girl.kay

I need someone to cut the ultrasound machine and bed from this and make it into an overlay for me. Please and thanks. I will credit you for the overlay just let me know how you like to be credited.



thanks how should I credit you?

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No credit needed!

Okay can you take the top off this box?


like someone open it please and thanks.
Have the top off to the side or something like that.

Can you remove the box from this to make it into a overlay. Please and thanks.

I wish I could, but the forum doesn’t allow me to upload images as png

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56685678-471C-4A82-88BD-86BCE8910841-removebg-preview 2

Like this?

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By chance can you make this bear transparent like an overlay. Please and thanks.

teal bear - with heart

teal bear - rose bear

teal bear - rose purple

teal bear - rose

teal bear - 17

teal bear - 01

teal bear - 02

teal bear - 2

The only thing I want is the bear itself. As an overlay if it too much just do as much as you can. Thanks