I need someone to do a background for me


I’m looking for someone who can do a background that has a black brick background with letters in the background (in cursive) that says “DogLover990 presents to you… Tiny Little Secret!” Tiny Little Secret is the name of my story that I’m currently working on at the moment.




Do you mean a splash? As I’m apart of a group called @epi_.jel on instagram and we would be more than happy to make you one as long as you give credits! Link is in our bio to fill out a form and we will try to get back to you as soon as we can x


Hey. Happy Helpers would love to help hehe. @AnonymousAuthor1 @sofia2 @fcukforcookies


I could too if they’re not?


Someone’s else’s can still make it but here is mine:


OMG! I love it!! Can I use it? It’s looks amazing!


Of course!