I need someone to do art scenes for me

So, I am very untalented and I need someone to draw art scenes for me.
I need someone that will able to make the art scene as close as my description as possible.
Not to sound rude or anything but I would also need someone to do it without me having to pay bc I don’t have paypal or anything so I can’t really pay either.
Comment down below if you are willing to do it!!
The longest I’m willing to wait is a week tops, I do know these things take time, but im desperate and I want my first story to be good.
I’ll message you the details to anyone who replies.


You will get more replies if you do this.

Hi, I would be interested in drawing it for you if you like. :grin:

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thank you so much!!
so my style is ink,
the art that I want is describing my two characters first kiss.
these are the characters and the outfits they will be wearing. Except the only diffference is that the girl (Rosalena) is going to have a messy back bun and natural lip color which in my story is terracotta

So the way the scene goes, is they are arguing for a long frickin time and they end the arguing in a stare down and before Rosalena can say the final words, he pushed her onto the bed sheets and climbs on top of her. he pins her arms above her head and he is staring at her in the eyes with a “seductive look” and she is shocked but her face has more desire in it then a shocked face. their faces inches apart.
The direct quotes from the story are in each others point of view.
BLAZES POV: "Before she was able to finish her sentences I kicked her leg out from under her and she fell onto the bed. I climbed on top of her before she was able to stand up and fight back.
she was trying to push me off so i took her small arms with one of my hands and pinned them above her and with my other hand I put on the side of her to support myself. As I was staring into her crystal purple eyes i could see right through all of her anger. She wanted me, she had so much desire in her eyes like she had been waiting for this moment since the day I picked her up from the docks. Honestly, I have too, because I was falling for Rosalena Knight, and it wasn’t going to be easy.
ROSALENA POV: Before I could finish my words, he pushed me onto the bed and climbed on top. Both my legs were under him, I tried to push him off but he was much stronger and with one hand he pinned both of my hands above my head and with the other hand, he put it on the side of me to stop me from leaving. Behind all his freckles his cheeks were slightly red from yelling. The way his silver eyes stared into my soul I could tell he wanted it just as much as I did. Even though he had serious angry problems, he had a soft side, and as far as I know, I’m the only one who can get there. It was in this moment i knew that I was falling for Blaze Russo, and I was falling hard.
Details you might need to know is Rosa has purple eyes
Blaze has white eyes and freckles

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I’ll get started on it. :grin:
Do you have an picture of the pose?

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thank you so much!! if you have any questions feel free to ask me.
Do you know how long it’ll take?
I’m in no rush I was just wondering.

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I could probably finish it today.

I can do it!

Srry nvm

sweet thank you.

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Sorry, did you have an image of the pose?

I didn’t have an image because I can’t draw like at all.
But the pose I was hoping to be like was similar to this but obviously not the exact same

I want both of my girl characters arms above her head pinned by one of my guy characters hands and I want the guys other arm on the side of her.
I also want the girls facial expressions to be like a neutral worried look if that makes sense.
and the guys facial expression I want to look mad but his lips to have a little smirk to it.
I also want to be able to see their legs a little bit more

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I’m trying not to completely copy HopeMoons picture but I just absolutely love the pose that they are in

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thank you

I hate to sound like I’m rushing, but do you have an estimated time when this will be done.

Hey Missy45,
I hate to sound like an impatient jerk but I need to know an estimated time where this will be done, its been 3 days with no response and I need the art scene for episode 4 and I’m just finishing up episode 3.
Sorry for the little rush.

Are you still working on it?
I’m confused if you still are or not.
I just need a yes or no answer