I need someone to draw a cover for my story (i'll give credit if needed)

I basically said it in the title but i need someone to draw a cover for my story. Also if you can could i see some of the work you’ve done before if you don’t have any that’s fine you can just tell me your style. Please and Thank you!

I’d like to try.

Okay thank you! Let me get the details really quick.

Wasn’t very quick but here ya go :slight_smile:
I want them in a pose like this Un%20Nouveau%20Soleil
My storys name is Outcasts

Episode harmony can

Examples here

Can I have the character details?

hair- Purple high ponytail
skin- Caramel
face- Soft heart
Eyebrows- Seductive arch
nose- Elven
lips- Scarlet full round

hair- Black unstyled faux hawk
brows-Thin arch
skin- Tan
face- Athletic Square jaw
eyes- Blue stoic almond
nose- Button
lips- Terracotta uneven

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hmmm i might take a look thank you

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Can I have a picture of your characters?

Can I do it in the morning? It’s 1:00 a.m.

You can do it whenever you have time there’s no rush :slight_smile:
could you maybe give the male some tattoos or a tattoo and the girl give her ear piercings if it isn’t to much trouble?