I need someone to edit this image


Can someone please make a background with this vault open with money inside, if you can. And also does anybody know where I can get the inside of a bank background.

Also if you want to use this image please credit @Caitoriri


I want to, but I dont know how .


@Epy.raven episode Harmony might be a good place to try they seem to do a lot of great work :slight_smile:


okay thanks


I can try to!
You want huge stacks of money on the inside?





Err, it looks kinda bad.
I made this myself


I could also remove the money from the floor, or make the money stack lower


This is a lower stack, without the money on the floor.



Okay. I like it without the money on the floor. Thanks for making this!

Also do you know where I can find the inside of a bank as well?


I’m not sure where you could find one, episodelife.com
has a lot of helpful backgrounds, maybe you could find one on there.


Ok thank you so much!