I need someone to help code 20 chapters of my story Soulmates (FREE)

i’m revamping my story Soulmates
i need help coding the story and adding choices
message me if you can help <33

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this is my story

i need help
if you can help me then please message me on here or follow me on Instagram @lisacominswrites

Hi there :wave: I would love to help you but I am not an advance coder :confounded: and you mentioned adding choices :slightly_frowning_face:. And I’ve never done that. But I am improving myself everyday and also watching joseph evan’s tutorials for improving myself:smile:. So if you would still want me to help you code your story then just reply back here and then we can talk more. And if you think that you need a much more skilled coder then no probs :hugs:. There are a lot more skilled coders in this community who I think would be happy to help you out :blush:

I would love to be your coding partner. I spent most of my life coding. And I love helping people. My Instagram is kimberlyonepsiode

Try episode notes when I started coding on episode it taught me everything I need to know

Sure. Thank you for your advice :smile:

Edit: I just checked YouTube and saw that I am already subscribed to her channel.

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