I Need Someone To Help me code my story pls!

Hey im writing a new story and i really need someone to coding for me !!! im new to all of this and i would be happy with help i ask for a view of your work and personal message me so i can tell you about the story im working on. pls and thank you .

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Hello! If your still looking for someone to help code I’d be happy to talk to you about the story and see if we could work together!

And I don’t have any examples of my coding :neutral_face: sry

BTW I can only code Ink style :grin::grin:

Well I’m not the best coder in the world but is there anything in particular you’re struggling with?

That’s the worst part about it!:joy: I’m sorry but I don’t know who in their right mind would want to code a story for someone else(no offense fam) but I hate coding and love wiring so I don’t see the appeal.:joy::heart:

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:joy::joy: I actually was going to write a story just for the coding part but got bored with the story line part :joy::joy: