I need someone to help me understand how to do stuff

Hello, If somebody can give me some tips on how can I add stuff without getting a bunch of errors. I would so appreciate it.


Watch Joseph Evans yet videos and use Dara amaries templates!


If you’re struggling with syntax, try to pay attention to the types of errors you’re getting and eventually you’ll be able to code without having to look up the commands often. If the scene isn’t coming out the way you intended, I’ve heard of a technique in programming where you explain your code line by line to an inanimate object and sometimes that helps you figure out where you went wrong. Also, previewing the code frequently helps to catch errors.

I didn’t know people struggle with coding, I never struggle with coding

coding, both on episode and on other programming engines are bound to encounter errors. take it from a computer science student. making errors and mistakes is a part of a coder’s job, it’s whether we’re able to get through that mistake or not-

but if you really need help remembering and all, i recommend keeping this website besides your screen as you code:

(all credits to dara hehe)