I need someone to help me with overlays and backgrounds


Hi everybody !
i need some helps, I’m really bad at overlays, I need someone who knows how to create and I need an artist for my covers. :bowing_woman:t3:

I need y’all, please, :clap:


I can help with the overlays.


You might want to think about making a cover request thread in the Community Resources section, that’s where all the art is hiding :slight_smile: Carry on! :v:t2:


Do you have Instagram ? If you have then send me a message !
Instagram -> bad.boy.episode :kissing_heart:


Hey! I don’t create covers but I can create nice splashes for you. If you want one check out my thread:



I don’t know if you already have someone who helps you, but if not, I would love to!

I just opened a topic, just respond there if you need help:

xx Eva


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