I need someone to help with fixing coding (LL) Legacy: The Rossi Empire (MUST BE FREE)

i need a coder who can help me fix my coding for my story
if you can help please message me

Do you mean a coding error or check your coding and stuff?

check my coding on every scene & spelling errors

That means you needed a proofreader and beta reading. @LISAANNEMARIEE

Because Proofreader deals with spelling errors as well. beta reading deals with check your coding on every scene such as error.

Betas and proofreaders are very similar. The only difference is proofreaders will generally only look at things like spelling, grammar, syntax, etc.

As beta reading look at everything like plot and character development, as well as spelling and grammatical issues.

Proofreading is the process of finding and correcting errors in grammar, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and formatting in the final draft of a document.

Beta reading entails giving authors general feedback about an early draft of a manuscript from the perspective of an average reader.

@Catniss can help you with proofreading and beta reading. She does both request for each proofreader and beta reading. you can request from the Link that was sent and make a form request or just pm her your details. @LISAANNEMARIEE

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Beta readers don’t check for coding errors

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That true. Can you help @LISAANNEMARIEE

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I would have loved to, but I don’t have any free time on my hands so far, and proofreading can be tedious.

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