I need someone to help with small cover for my story

I’m writing my first story and i’m really excited but i need help with my small cover
here’s the pose
and here’s the background
The characters;


Pls reply and if you’re up to do a small cover for me, reply or message me.
Thanks in advance :innocent: :innocent: :smile: :grin:

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I can:)
I have a art shop, if you like my examples you can request there:))
Click here to go

I nearly forgot, the background should be on the left and a little zoomed in and blurred

I love your work and i dont do ig either so thanks so much and id like to request for you to help me, thank you

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Sure thing, just request there:))
It’s rlly late here so I’ll prob answer u tme. But you can still request and I will do it:))

It’s late where i am too so i get it, dont worry and i’ll surely request there

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uh i know someone who can if you’re still interested!

do you take commissions though?

I found someone but if i need your help, i’ll message you straight away

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