I need someone to make a small and large cover for my story

I really need someone to make cover art for me, i was under the impression i could get it done by a person and they backed out like 2 weeks later so please let me know if you can do it

I can do the small or the large (but not both).
would you like some examples? :heart:

yes please

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Do the large please

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I’ve only got one of my own so far,

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Could I have the details?

What all details do you need? Also how many days/weeks will it take?

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To be honest I’ve only just started to do art things and I’m quite busy with school so it won’t be the fastest… sorry.

It doesn’t really matter how long it takes I was just wondering.

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Ok can I have the details?

What all details do you need?

Like what it’s called, who/ what you need on it and the background.
Maybe anything else that’s extra.

Its called Battle of the Troubled and at the bottom of the cover I would like By: Issy Snyder
I need a girl in her teens with chestnut hair in a braid who is tan and purple eyes getting hugged by her boyfriend who has black cropped hair and blue eyes and is tan in a living room

What about the rest of the details (you can sen me a photo if you want).
And outfits.

One second let me take a screen shot

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Teenage Girl- Skin: Tan Brows: Seductive Arch Hair: Chestnut and Fishtail braid Eyes: Round Bold purple Face: Defined Heart Nose: Celestial Lips: Classic Crimson
Black grey and red clothing for her and a silver and grey bracelet
Guy- Skin: Tan Brows: Bushy Wide Hair: Short cropped and black Eyes: Deepest Piercing Blue Face: Defined Triangle Nose: Athletic Button Mouth: Uneven Terracotta
Black and grey clothes with a black bracelet

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Thanks! :heart:
I’ll get started now! :kissing_heart:

Sorry i didn’t take a screen shot i couldn’t find it in my photos

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it’s ok.

U didn’t mention the nose.