I need someone to make a splash for me


Anyone who can make a splash for me, I would be grateful. I need my splash to say
“Previously on Save Me, Hero!”
With a picture of the girl I’m about to describe in the center.
Skin tone: Light
Eyebrows: Thick Flat
Hair: High Ponytail, Auburn
Eyes: Round Bold, Blue
Face: Oval
Nose: Soft Natural
Lips: Classic, Rose
She should look like this with the same clothing.
I would like her animation to be dance_groove_loop
Please reply if you would be happy to make it for me and I’ll be sure to credit you.


I can :slight_smile:


Thank you SO much.


Oh, I just realized I didn’t put the background for splash. Can the background just be fun and colorful, you know what I mean? And can you make it 640x1136 so I can make it a background.
Sorry if I’m going on. Not trying to be annoying or anything.


You’re so lucky that when I started making it I made it 640x1136 :joy:


I am, thank god!


Do you want anything else in the background or you just want it to me colourful?


Um… I’ve never really made had a splash made for me before. If you could, I would love for there to be sparkles. Not many. Just a few.:grin:




Hi sorry to bother you but I’ve tried different things for the background but because you were vague I’m not sure. Does your story have a theme? Or do you want fire in the back, the ocean, nature etc :joy: sorry.


Sorry that I wasn’t vague. It’s kind of like a superhero themed story. So could you put capes or masks or something like that? I would love it. You’re not bothering me at all.


sure :slight_smile:


Thank you!