I need someone to make an art scene

Hey everyone its the author of When two gangs collide and For season two of it i need An art scenes, So for fans of it this might be a little of a spolier of How the character look like but i really need an art scenes so Here we go !

-Brianna -details-
-soft heart face
-upturn feline eyes
-Auborn hair curly long
-eye brow thick flat
-lips thick flat

-Jones -details-
-Defined triangle face
-short cropped hair
–eye brow medium sharp
-stoic almond eyes
-lips full tapered

-Aanya details-
-straight black hair
-upturn feline eyes black
-eye brow thick
-lips thick
-soft heart face
-toffee skin

  • in this Scene
    So they are in farm and Brianna legs are on his hips and she is kissing him while she is being carried by him, so they are kissing each other, oh can you make brianna hair look like it blowing in the wind a bit also Aanya is wacthing in back this so can you make her smiling and her hair blowing too

I can try but if someone wants to do it they can

um sure you can try

Can I see some of your examples because I would like someone to make me an art scene

Yeah me too if you don’t mind :slight_smile: