I need someone to make cover art for me


I was wondering if anyone could make a couple cover arts for my stories.


would it cost money?


I can here are some of my examples



And no it’s free


What all info would I have to give you to make it?


Just send me what sin tone hair colour/long or short
And if you want a mask over mouth or headphones or cat ears or nothing


Or glasses


Hair color is a hot pink, its is long, can you put it in a braid and her skin tone is tan and could you put a crown on the head and black and gray clothes… sorry that im so specific lol


I can try


Thanks it means a lot, will you send it to me threw here?


Ye or I can message you it’s your choice


Do you want like a flower crown cause I’m better at those


I can do an actual crown if y want


Just message it to me, I would prefer the regular crown, it doesn’t need to be perfect it’s the thought that counts


I could help as well (thanks for the tag @Hialexhi)


Don’t worry I can do it lol I’ll send it to you @elisabethstarrr for thoughts before I’m done


Alright :slight_smile:


Are you I’m doing the splash btw


No I just found WiFi and read your text, I’ll work on it and make it real fast :slight_smile:


What are the details for the splashes? :slight_smile: