I need someone to make covers for my newest story

So, since my editor bailed out on me, I need someone or some people to do covers for me. I need both ink and limelight, but semi realistic could work for both. If you feel like you can help me out, then pls dm me in insta instead.

Thank you :white_heart:

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I’m taking Commissions actually …are you looking for free or Commissioned requests?

Hi, well it’s either way. Depending on how much commissions will cost. And art work. I do need covers for both ink and limelight, probably have the small cover for ink covered. But there is still others to left.

I do commissions. You can dm me on insta if you are interested @zamiraarts or @zamiraarts.ep.

here is a sample

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does it cost money?

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The definition of a commission is that you must pay. :llama:

Check out 🍁 toronto man's art shop 🍁 {OPEN FOR BUSINESS} for 100% free art :heart:

Yes it does. Although I can give discounts depends on the negotiation.

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