I need someone to make me a cover! **CLOSED**

Hey there! Im in need of someone who can make me a cover.:slightly_smiling_face:(Drawn or edited) I will give you credit!:purple_heart::+1: If you are available to do so please contact me as soon as possible.

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Thank you so much for the response!

Here is the info:

Title- The Garden
Author- Rose and Abby
Font- Any cursive font easy to read
Description- I would like the background blurred and for the title to be in front of the characters(background is below). I want the characters positioned with Alex and Stephan on opposite sides of Drake (names are on the pictures below). If you have any questions on that please ask.

Here are the characters I want in the cover and their poses:



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it wont let me save the background

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Let me send it again

this should work now

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is this blurry enough

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yes thats perfect

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what do you think


could you make the title color white please? :slight_smile: besides that it looks great

here you go. glad you like it

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Thank you so much for the cover :relaxed: I love it!! How can I credit you?

you can just use my profil name if you want

ok thank you

alrighty once again thank you!

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your welcome. happy that you like the cover

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