I Need Someone to Make Me a Drawing in a Child's Style!

Hey! So I have a scene where the child gives her father a drawing of the family. And I need someone to draw me the drawing (digitally ofc so it can be used in my story). It’s not a professional looking drawing, as it is made by a small child.

Character Looks

Since it’s by a child and done in (theoretically) crayon, the colours would be limited which is why I didn’t provide full details for them. But if you need specifics on colours just tell me and I can provide them for you :smile:




For clothes, it doesn’t matter, as long as they’re in the style of the reference. Any colour will do.


Here is kinda what I envisioned it to look like. Plus the dog, any colour since they don’t actually have a dog. Oh bit without the words on it (Mommy, Daddy, Me)


This is the paper I would like it to be drawn on, please do not alter the paper, thank you!

Thank you in advance, and I will give credit in my story for it. Also I need this asap.

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How’s this?
IG credit: @lin_writes.episode

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OMGGG yes it’s so cute, I love it!! Thank you so very much! :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Finally, my drawing inabilities have become of use! :joy: