I need someone to make me a prize edit for the winner of my cover contest that I am recently going to held

Need someone to make an art edit for a prize giveaway for the winner of my cover contest.I have not yet held the contest so you will have to wait.Drawn art.The type of art edit will depend on the winner.No commission artists(sorry)

im bored af so y not :crazy_face:
I can if u want :point_right: :point_left:

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Do u have any examples?

Cause u will have to make the prize for the winner of my art cover so i don’t know what that person is gonna ask u to make lol

u can check my art shop :upside_down_face:
Queen's Art Shop 👑 ❤ (OPEN & FREE)

Ummm…actually please don’t mind but actually im looking for more of a drawn edit😅

I do commissioned digital art if you’re interested.

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