I need someone to make me a small overlay, EASY!

Hello beautiful!

I just need someone to cut out the furthest garbage disposal can (or what ever its called) w/ a bit of a wall too, because I need to place a person behind it, to seem like the character walking in and is watching what is happening in the alley.

If you dont know how to make this, maybe you’ll know how to get a blurring affect on. I’d like to make the background blur while the character is going near the screen, to make the illusion for the reader that something is happening wrong.

That would be all, if you have questions don’t be afraid to ask!

As in, they’re walking into the alley from behind that wall, like so?

no haha, behind the wall combined with the garbage, here:

Best way to do it is to cut out the garbage overlays one by one so in your case there’ll be 3 garbage overlays.

Yes, good point, but since I don’t know how to do it, I’m seeking for others to help me out!

I’m just about to get ready for work if I have time I can do it for you x

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That’d be perfect, thank you! :))

There you go babes!

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thank you so much!!

Anytime x