I need someone to make me like 19 character edits ikr

I need about 19 character edits for my writing group
I will pm the details

also whoever will do it for me I will give you something in return because I know 16 is a lot
in return I will give you like a cover or a story review or something like that

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I can

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Me and my group can

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thank you would you like something in return

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Send the details here

@granolias wanna help too

your one of ma thic sisterssss

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Tell icy I’m sorry it was Cathy and I can’t change the title

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ok i’m not that active because my discord is not working that well

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I can help you with the character edits :wink: as long as its simple!

Yeah they are really simple just like contour and other effects

Ok! I can help with that :+1:

Would u like something in return

Just a credit thats all

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Ok what’s your ig