I need someone to make this

Can someone edit this to where the character has little numbers of code in her eyes? I was kind of thinking of a more robotic looking character since she is an android. If you want me to leave her details I will.

Skin: Ash 01
Eyebrows: Arched Natural (Black Dark)
Hair: Medium Curly Solid (Plum)
Eyes: Deepest Almond (Violet)
Face: Diamond
Nose: Grecian Soft
Mouth: Small Heart (Violet Matte)

I’ll try but no promises. Maybe like a full black eye with green numbers?

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Yes. Thanks for helping.

I’m not home right now but when I get home I’ll try doin it. Could I have picture without the Uhm what would call it like the edit thingy.


This good?

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Yes thanks girl.:heart:

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No problemo. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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