I Need Someone To Rotate This For Me!

(Edited text) In better words, I want the floatie things to be horizontal and i want a path to be added where the orange sign is so that characters are able to walk there.


So in other words, looking at the pool from the bleachers on the left lol

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I’m kinda confused of what your saying

i dont think that’s what they meant i’m pretty sure they wanted the view to be facing the bleachers not the bulidings

either way i don’t think you could really edit that i think you would have to ask someone to redraw it or just use a different picture

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omg i didnt know you couldnt see the picture thats so funny anyways the picture is an episode bg i think its one of the pool ones so you could look at it there if you wanted to see what we were talking about its
EXT. GREEK GAMES POOLSIDE - DAY and they wanted the bg to face the bleachers instead of the way it is default

Yes, this is the point of view I wanted, but instead of the floatie things being vertical I wanted them to be horizontal

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You can do that?

I just wanted this same exact picture and I wanted the floatie lines to be horizontal so that i can put my characters infront of it. If I used the picture as it is now then I would have to make them face rear and you wouldn’t be able to see their face when they talk.

Yes but that’s so zoomed in

Yes and then after the change from vertical to horizontal i also wanted the path to be vertical so characters would be able to walk there.

Aw, the unfortunate part is, I need the floaties because basically what I’m trying to do is a swimming race. so each character would have to be standing on their own lane.

okay! i’ll see what that looks like

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okay!! :upside_down_face:

Yes but I also wanted the path to be where the orange sign is so that the characters are able to walk there, is that possible??