I need someone to volunteer to be my art scene creator

Size needs to be for LANDSCAPE PHONE MODE.


The Size would be 16:9

It should be this size of this photo:

I will credit you.

It’s for a visual novel that isn’t episode.
The visual novel is made in an App called Kocho.

I need:
Drawn Art

I only need 2 artists and one editor.

We have five characters:
The Spouse of The Main Character.
The Main Character.
The Daughter of the main character.
The daughter’s boyfriend.
The Mailman

I also need someone who can do overlays.

The preferred style is Anime.

YouTube can teach you how to draw in that style.

Some photos are already done, but not all.

Are you willing to pay? I can recommend some good artist who might be able to help! also don’t you draw? you do commissions right?

It’s not as simple as watching YouTube videos to create certain styles of art… especially when most artists have their own style.

Your best bet is to search Instagram for those specific artists, as for credit… well that’s the bare minimum, but most artists will definitely expect payment!


Are you willing to pay the artists?

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