I need someone to work with me on my story

My story is about a girl named Bree, her mom and dad dies by a spy group named the red skulls while her parents were in france. Bree becomes confident and forms a group named The Circle to defeat the Red Skulls with her friends! This very popular guy from school wants to join and madly falls in love with Bree. They go on a date and his ex Ash comes and causes drama with Bree and finds out that Ash is in the Red Skulls! :wink:

Can someone please perhaps help me write it and fix the grammar and help with some spot directing corrections? Thanks!

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I can help. What’s the link?

I can help you too if you still need help

I do!

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What do you need help with?

Well… grammar, someone that will add overlays for me and ideas and someone that will correct my errors :slight_smile: It isn’t a full time job. Maybe every two days!

Ok, :blush: I can help you.

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perfect! What’s your instagram!

so we can communicate!


followed and texted you!

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I could help too, if you will help with mine?

Hi there just a quick can you help me how do you link a story to be put on here so you can review it