I need someone who can create/draw cover for me

Hi! I’m searching for someone who can make a story cover for me.
Story has about 36K reads.


INK or LL?
Drawn or edited?

Hi WolfyLover247, It’s in LL and drawn would be nice.

Or you know what, whichever is suitable :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hello me and my partner do covers edited
Heres examples of mine

My partner is @Windy1356


i do stuff like this…

Me and my friend jax can help you. i guess. We do collabs if the info or description of your story inspires us, then we take requests. So would u like to say something about ur story. This may two weeks min if we accept your request.

Our latest edit:


thats a good edit :open_mouth:

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My frnd did the character edit i added the bg effects and the text. :upside_down_face: and ty.

yw :slight_smile: i cant do that lol

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hey come on you can do it in ur own style. Anything is possible just remember that!

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thx Madhu :slight_smile:

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ofc hun np!

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