I need someone who can do a text message overlay

Hey everyone! I am looking for someone who can show a message like we see on instagram on a phone.

The message would say:

Dearest Aneesh, this is Serena’s mother. I have some sad news about our Serena. Due to covid, Serena fell sick. She was rushed to the hospital, unfortunately, she did not survive. I understand you and Serena were very close; therefore, I am sending you this message. I am sorry dear. If you need anything, let me know. I will always be here for you. You are not alone. Take care, dear.

Thank you for anyone that can help!

Would this do:


This looks really cool but it would say “Serena” on top not “Serena’s mom” also there would be a theme related background like when you open a message on Instagram.

Maybe something like this:

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Wow that looks really good. I just have a few requests:

  1. Have it look like the character is holding the phone. I’ll send you an example.

  2. I know on Instagram there are themes you can choose from when you send messages. Can you have a theme background behind the message please?

  3. I can send you Serena’s details and where it shows no pfp, can you add her simple pfp please?

Hey hun! Quick question. Do you know how to make splashes?

I’m sorry if there is a misunderstanding, but didn’t you request the same thing in my shop? :sweat_smile:

I just checked and yeah she did :+1: @Safi when you’re requesting for something (the same product), you only request from one person because then both end up working hard and then one doesn’t get used and the artist/editor feels like they’ve wasted time which is upsetting for them. You can also tell me, “I’ve actually requested one to be made at an art shop, so I’m good,” which is totally fine by me :smile:
I’ll leave it you @Sarah07 as I’m not super good at this editing stuff :joy:


I understand and it was never my intention to hurt anyone or waste anyone’s time. I goofed up and I am so sorry about that. I didn’t realize until I sent you the descriptions again that I had requested the same from @Sarah07 shop. That is why I immediately sent you another message asking you if you know how to do splashes. As in your editing skills, you are really good and I hope one day I could request from you. Also, I would have found some way to use both of yours edits in my story as I will be using that overlay a lot because it was that message that makes the story itself. Like a climax I guess :sweat_smile:

But, again, I apologize for my stupidity and I hope we are all good :revolving_hearts: