I need someone who could edit and I need it asap. I'M SERIOUSLY CALLING ALL ARTIST THAT ARE ONLINE


Hey there guys. So, I’m in need for someone to edit a picture. I need it before this Sunday because I need it for my story. And my story is Regrets. If anyone knows? So, yeah I need an edit. PLEASE.

Here is the pic that you could please edit.

Please halp me. Some people really want me to continue this story and would be sad if I don’t continue it just because I don’t have an edit.

So, please. Pretty please. I promise that I would credit you. :heart::heart:

I’m very thankful if you could help me. :heart_eyes::heart:


What do you want? (to add to this photo)


Episode harmony can if @zoeexe can’t


You are right i cant :joy:


If you can’t, it’s OK. I know you’re maybe busy and I understood that :smile:


That would be grateful. Thanks for helping. :grin::grin:


I dont know how to edit…


Ohhh no wonder. It’s fine. Maybe there is someone else who could help me. So yeah no probs.


What did u need edited?


I can do it!


The picture up there.


You can request it here if you like:


Lol I mean what do u want changed about it


Ohhh sorry :joy::joy:. I want the guy to be edit. And the thumb near the phone. That’s all.


You want them to be more realistic looking?


Yeah. That way.


I don’t know how much u want edited but I have this


I really love it but I was hoping if the guy could be edit from head to toe. Sorry if I make it hard but if you don’t want to do it. It’s fine. :smile:


I could try :sweat_smile:


Really! Thanks :grin::grin: