I need someone who could make my story a free, drawn cover :) please?

HI! I need a cover for my first story, its a limelight vampire story with quite a dark theme. I’m searching for someone who could do it for free as I don’t have any money to spend. I’ve been searching all over Instagram but still cant find anyone who does requests or free art. this should be a actual drawing rather than an edit :wink: thank you!!

I know there’s art shops that do stuff for free on the episode forums!

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omg really!! how do i find them?

if u need i can do a cover but its not done by hand, if you think i could help you i would be happy to.

mine aren’t the best but if u want to see a few examples ive done, for some reason it won’t let me post them here, maybe u could send me ur email or something and i can share it through google drive.

I’d love to see them! Heres my email asooldaaatova@gmail.com :))

Well there’s section of the forums dedicated to art related stuff

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ahh thank you!!

i sent it to you in drive

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