I need someone who has those 2 specific bacmgrounds and one overlay

the first is this I called it: INT. BATHROOM -DAY

then! she has to go into the bath so I use this background I called it; INT. BATH - DAY - NIGHT

Then I have the overlay I simply called it BATH


Now I wanted to make a script for her because she knows nothing about it but I can’t place my girl and I can’t change the numbers of the overlay because I can’t preview because they are not approved in my writing portal can someone help me to make it ho it should be?

And this is the code but I could not place the girl and the numbers of the overlay are not right.


ANNEKE (talk_exated)
A good bath that will do me good.

INT. BATH - DAY - NIGHT with BATH to 1.169 -202 -40

@LILY changes outfit into LILY_NAKED
LILY (talk_gossip)
Oh this feels good.



Have you tried layering the overlay and the character?
Something like;

INT. BATH - DAY - NIGHT with BATH to 1.169 -202 -40

@LILY changes outfit into LILY_NAKED
@LILY spot 1.08 100 -80 AND LILY moves to layer -2
@overlay BATH shifts to layer 0
…Also, you can preview the overlays and backgrounds without approval.

N/B I’m using random figures. You’ll have to preview them and fix them yourself.

Your character isnt even in the scene yet.

And this need a change too:
@LILY changes into LILY_NAKED ( remove the word “outfit”. :slight_smile:

And you can preview. On phone you can see the backgrounds and overlays. :slight_smile:

yes but i can’t change them on my phone i don’t know how it works. x

Open the app > Menu - Create - Search for the story you are writing - Click on play - Search for the scene you want to edit - Directing Helper - Overlay Helper :slight_smile:

i can’t i have never done that…