I need someones help/advance partner

I need someones help with my story, just to check through and with one of my stories I would like a parnter

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I am an advanced coder.

Could you help me then?

Sure what do you need?

Do you know how to do an intro like a 30 second one? Or something similar

What do you mean by that?

Like that

Alright I can make that. But you would have to give me word overlays. The characters and title. Author name. Also what drawing you want at the end. This might take 2-4 days to complete.

Do you mind if you could do two for me please?

Sure. But it might extend the date by 1-2 days. I like to be a perfectionist.

Yeah that’s fine

Does anyone know how to include props e.g. drink, food ? I don’t know how to do it

Hey ye I do you do @add Prop to Character
And to get rid of it is @remove prop from Character