I need someone's opinion on a spin off book I'm writing

Warning: This is a long message and it is not much Episode-related


This book is a spin-off of a (not cliche) high school story I’m working on. Chapter 10 is where the spin-off book will connect to, but the difference is the setting in which the MC tells their story. Anyway, I want it to be a gang leader story and I’m doing as much research as possible to make sure the spin-off is realistic, but dramatic. Before you ask why these 2 books can’t possibly be published, just know that I really do want these books to be published on Episode, but:

1: I’m editing my first story and I’m just starting on my spin-off story too

2: I can’t find ANY backgrounds that match where I want every event for my characters to take place. And just to be clear, no matter what instagram of a famous Episode background/overlay editor you tell me about, I guarantee that their bedroom or house backgrounds won’t match my imagination because my imagination is complex, so I’m trying to learn how to draw (and I’m failing miserably).

Does anyone have any more questions about my message before I move on and explain how I want to make sure that this gang leader story is not cliche?


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Yes, where is this story on is it on Wattpad?


No, but seeing how short my chapters for the spin-off are, it sounds like the perfect story for Wattpad!


Yeah it’s pretty simple to publish on there.

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I know, my friend has many stories written on her Wattpad, but none of them are officially published yet

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Any other questions?

Sorry I know this has nothing to do with what you asked but how do you make a profile picture? :heartpulse:

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Alright, since no one else has questions, I’ll get started.


Things to make my gang leader story not cliche:

  1. The MC (which has been switched to the original MC’s mom in the spin-off) was (because the story is mostly a flashback) NOT a weak, ugly, and nerdy girl that was only smart. She was a cute and smart teen girl with glasses.

  2. The gang leader (he keeps his gang instincts a secret, so no one high school know except staff members) is not abusive to the MC when they date, but eventually they break up.

  3. When the MC does get pregnant, it does affect her future college plans, but her parents help her get an early start on her future career and become quite popular because of it

  4. She raises her child like a loving mother and 2 years later, meets a more mature, and likeable guy

  5. The gang leader has a big plan to get back together with the Mom MC (this plan was made after he decides to get custody of the MC’s child, leaving the Mom MC upset), which is nearly deadly, but fortunately, she doesn’t die

So what do you think? (For anyone that is interested) Does any of this sound like it could happen in the 90s/early 2000s?

Okay, I think I’ll leave this topic alone. Maybe I could write my high school story and my spin off on Wattpad, but I can’t guarantee. @Sydney_H, can you close this topic since no one has been active in the last 9 days?

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Closed by OP request :smiley: