I need something to read <3


Hello, community. I’ve not been reading for a while. I am back now, and I want something good to read. I love everything that isn’t clicê. I’ve read The Teacher, Dripping Mascara, Adrenaline, Fine Line, Dragons Tail, et cetera. I just need some new stories to read, something with plot twists, exciting charecter developments, etc.




A few good stories:
The runaway
the most powerful scream
5 days
Dead 7
Beyond the stage
Its just a prank


Speak by @J.Miley
Flashback Friday by @Daisy_W
Until I Met You by @Jade.epi


the curse of charlie


Something I read recently and thought was really good was Saving Amelia by @kw.episode. Definitely go check it out! :two_hearts:


You are the sweetest, thank you so much. :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Thank you so much for all the replies. I’ll definitely check out your recommendations.




The curse of Charlie


I Feel It Coming by @Apes