I need sound help

Ok so the scene I created is when the girls talk then randomly this girl screams and Its suppose to be funny but in order to do that I need a sound that’s like “wait what ?” when I zoom into her face that plays after she screams ?? do you guys know a sound that would best fit this scene to make it funny, not music a sound …

does anyone know the name of the sound effect that sounds like a rewind ?

If you type in female in the sounds there is one sound that has two different names but if you listen to it, it’s like the female is giving a slight awkward laugh, she goes ohhh ha. That is probably the closest.

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thank you but I was looking for a rewind type of sound

Ok, then the only other thing I can think of is

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OML THANK YOU SOOO MUCH your sooo talented ! I couldn’t find that sound anywhere I really appreciate it ! XD

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