I Need Story Advice

i want to do a really good mafia/gang/arms dealer story like its just an illusion/chain reaction/huntingbad/burning desire all rolled into one story but obvs not copying the stories

any advice on how to do this?

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Just don’t romanticize toxic and abusive relationships between the LI and the MC, we have way too many stories like that.


no abuse will happen in my stories killing bad guys yes but rape and abuse are a big NO NO for me

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So I’ve never read those stories so I’m not sure how much help I’ll be, but I think that having unique and well developed characters is really important. From there it’s really easy to create a unique storyline. Also the way you have the MC introduced to the mafia in the first episode is something you can get really creative with.

I do not mean it bad but I would recomand you to fing something more original. This stories copy one from another and when you read 5-6 of them you realise the plost is all over the same in them and it started to be a big cliche.
I as you I liked them on start.now I cant read such stories anymore, because even if writen good thay do not bing anything new.

If you want be new makethe girlnot fall for mob - making gansters mobs killers and drug dealers look like the ideal partner is actually in a way sick in my openion.

End of the day it’s just a story it’s not sick at all love is love doesn’t matter if it’s with a drug dealer or a particular criminal I’m not romancing the toxic relationships I’m actually doing a story about a cop and a mafia leader in a forbidden relationship not a toxic one and yes their is killing in my story like every one else’s stories

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Write what you are inspired to write. Dont change your plan based on what others say. :heart:

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