I need story advices

Anyone have any story advice’s? My story is about a young girl name Monroe whom starts to learn some stuff about herself that she never thought she would have to begin with. #community:fan-community

Advice #1: Make some stuff she learns happy, sexual, and sad. It kinda helps develop Monroe’s character and more information about her and the people she talks to, hangs out with, has a relationship with, etc.
Advice #2: Make your story as realistic as possible (unless it’s fantasy, but that’s a whole different story.) For example, if there’s love, try not to make it “love on first sight” because that never happens in real life, and I tend to not read the story anymore.
Advice #3: Don’t write about stuff you haven’t experienced. I actually tried doing that one of my stories…it did not turn out well…:confused:
Advice #4: Take your time with all your character’s development, and try to make the characters unique with their own life stories. Again, I try to skip through stories that have the same type of characters.
Advice #5: If your story kind of has to be cliche, at least try to make it less like a typical “bad boy,” “pregnancy,” or “gang” love story.

yEAH, so basically make your story unique, and hopefully I’ll read it when you’re done!

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